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Keynote Addresses

Industry leaders, visionaries and executives took to the keynote stage and shared valuable insights and stories from their own companies, as well as big ideas for the future of consumer technology.

Watch the full lineup of keynote videos from CES Asia 2016.

Below is the keynote lineup from CES Asia 2016. Check back to see the CES Asia 2017 keynote addresses.

  • Gary Shapiro

    President and CEO
    Consumer Technology Association™


  • Kevin Ho

    President, Handset Product Line
    Huawei Device

  • John Zeng

    Wanda Cinema Line


  • Peter Loehr

    Legendary East


  • Clifford Coonan

    Beijing Correspondent
    The Irish Times


  • Josh Walden

    Sr. Vice President and General Manager, New Technology Group


  • Olaf Kastner

    President and CEO
    BMW Group Greater China


  • Yin Jing

    President of Tmall Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances
    Alibaba Group


  • Xiaoming (Simon) Hu

    President of Alibaba Cloud
    Alibaba Group


  • Chen Zhang



  • Eric Wang

    JD Smart