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CES Asia provides a unique opportunity to work with CES, one of the most famous and influential brands in the tradeshow industry. CES Asia launched in Shanghai in 2015, and has quickly become the most important consumer technology industry event in Asia. CES Asia customers and partners include global brands, startups and large Chinese manufacturers and retailers.

With the successful launch of CES Asia, we are now looking to expand our Shanghai office the International CES (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd, and provide the opportunity for staff to immediately contribute to the show’s rapid growth. Roles within CES Asia will be filled and defined based on the evolving consumer technology industry, and will provide limitless opportunity for creative career advancement and professional development at all levels.

CES Asia provides competitive benefits in a work environment modeled after Western best business practices. We encourage a positive work/life balance and nurture personal growth for our employees, offering them an exciting opportunity in the world’s fastest growing economy.


Sales Director

Responsible for sales and business development activities for CES Asia.

General Manager

Responsible for ensuring compliance with all processes and guidelines as determined by the International CES (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd’s governing entity and Chinese regulatory bodies.  Oversee the management of Shanghai office business operations and enforce policies as determined by the board of directors and the supervisor. Appointed by WFOE Board and reporting to the WFOE Supervisor.